Twinkle Association Ry

As a non profit organisation, TWINKLE Association is build under the spirit and passion of its members and close collaborators.

Twinkle Association is made by the members and ran by a
board elected every Autumn.

For the year 2019 the elected board is composed of the following members:

Our Mission

TWINKLE Association Ry, is a non profit organisation created in 2016 that acts as the operative arm of the TWINKLE movement and promotes the understanding of multiculturalism and it role to social and economical development.

We aim to positively impact the integration of talented people into the Finnish society and work life through co-creation and building networks.

How it all began

TWINKLE started as a movement meant to inspire bright people and bright businesses to interact and to find the potential of diversity for economical development.

The first step in this direction was taken in 2014, when the Talent Tampere network, run by Tampere Region Economic Development Agency Tredea, gathered international talents to discuss how to strengthen the English-speaking professional networks in the region. This meet-up was called Twinkle and about 150 internationally-minded talents attented.

The result: the idea of TWINKLE 2015 which was going to be Finland’s biggest business event for international competences and growth.

"800 attendees"

TWINKLE 2015 took place in Tampere Hall in December. It was brought to life by over 100 volunteers and around 80 speakers and facilitators. There were about 800 attendees at TWINKLE, among them representatives from about 80 companies and organizations as well as international talents. The program encouraged companies and talents to interact through various workshops and interactive sessions.

In 2016 the Twinkle Association Ry was founded to continue the work that was started by TREDEA and promote the importance of multiculturalism.

In 2018 Twinkle Association Ry launched
the series of event called Share it!
Share it! was developed as new concept that combines both social as well as business oriented interaction and networking.

We welcome all the people and organisations that believe
that together we can contribute and put our part to be active in Finland's growth and internationalisation.

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