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Keti Limani

Embracing the Alien(s)

It is an undisputed fact that businesses and organizations are made of people. Smart businesses take that premise further and make people central to their success.  The idea is simple. Develop a great team and let people drive your vision forward. Employing and retaining the right people is crucial.

But, who are the right people to be recruited in a team? I think that the word that best describes a great team is diversity. People from diverse backgrounds tend to think and act differently. They perceive problems from different points of view and generate out-of-the-box solutions. Enriching your native team with international talent might actually lead to phenomenal results. An employee’s competence is not related to, or, in any way, defined by his/her nationality.

I work for Surveypal, one of Europe’s leading online survey platforms that has taken a step towards recruiting international talent, myself included, already years ago. Surveypal is a Finnish company with an international agenda and global reach. The company’s team is comprised of Finnish natives and international employees who work together to achieve desirable outcomes, taking into consideration that the Finnish and global business markets are constantly changing and evolving.

At Surveypal we are excited to be a Twinkle partner for a number of reasons. We are based in Tampere and are always willing to participate in events that boost the area’s economic and cultural growth. We believe that a multicultural corporate environment adds to a company’s competences and expect to network and share ideas with similar-minded individuals and organizations. Finally, we are excited to see how Twinkle organisers have utilized our feedback automation software to enhance the event experience for the participants.


Keti is originally from Greece and works as a Quality Assurance Specialist at Surveypal.

For more information visit: Alternatively, interact with us on Twitter (@Surveypal), Facebook (, or LinkedIn (

Keti Limani


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TWINKLE 2017 is here!

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August 1, 2017
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Twinkle Association’s biggest event is here! And this time the theme is “Creativity and Innovation through Diversity”. At TWINKLE 2017 you will have the chance to interact with companies, organisations, talents, embassies and renowned speakers to network, dialogue, inspire, and do business in a new way.

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Globelics Academy and Twinkle Association linking SMEs to markets in Global South

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May 16, 2017
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Internationalization and entering to foreign markets is not easy task to do for the small companies. Especially when target markets are culturally, institutionally, economically and geographically very distant in from the home base of the company. In other words, when they are currently fastest growing economic areas, in Africa, Asia or Latin-America, in “Global South”.

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March 27, 2017
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