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Mikko Määttänen

In good company – Twinkle Night

Pakkahuone is one of the most traditional venues in Tampere. The dashing red-brick building is surrounded by countless memories and a special dignity. Legendary bands all the way from Black Sabbath to The Ramones have performed on the stage of Pakkahuone, not to forget several Finnish artists who have made their international breakthrough later on.

We’re thrilled to fill Pakkahuone with international talents along with an inviting and inspirational atmosphere at Twinkle Night on 7th of December. The official party of Twinkle 2015 will entertain guests with live music, dancing, improvisation, food, drinks and great company. For one night, Pakkahuone will be an open zone for conversation, having fun and networking in the spirit of Twinkle!

Twinkle Night will be hosted by the multi-talented Trent Pancy, an improviser who lives in Tampere, but is originally from Chicago. During the night, we will see live performances from critically acclaimed Finnish-British pop star Ronya and from a customised rap super group called The Three Smiths (including internationally recognised rappers Ekow, Gracias and Noah Kin). Not to mention a performance by the amazing Danny’s Bollywood Dance Crew, with selections by energetic local talent DJ Kushmoney behind the turntables.

Twinkle Night will play a major role in the actual main event. This will be the night people are talking about until the next Twinkle in 2016! So come along and shine brightly with us!

Mikko Määttänen


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TWINKLE 2017 is here!

Published on
August 1, 2017
Yacin Dehairi

Twinkle Association’s biggest event is here! And this time the theme is “Creativity and Innovation through Diversity”. At TWINKLE 2017 you will have the chance to interact with companies, organisations, talents, embassies and renowned speakers to network, dialogue, inspire, and do business in a new way.

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Globelics Academy and Twinkle Association linking SMEs to markets in Global South

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Internationalization and entering to foreign markets is not easy task to do for the small companies. Especially when target markets are culturally, institutionally, economically and geographically very distant in from the home base of the company. In other words, when they are currently fastest growing economic areas, in Africa, Asia or Latin-America, in “Global South”.

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March 27, 2017
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