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Joanna Charewicz-Laihonen

MukavaIT Case

Since the TWINKLE Association was launched, the main goal, which reflects the whole idea of its existence, was to put TWINKLE core values to practice as much as possible. Another goal is to prove that the TWINKLE spirit does exist, and is implemented in reality.

However, as a matter of fact, we must not allow ourselves to be misled by elaborate slogans. 

In project management strategies it is easy to come up with an idea itself without a clear vision of implementing it. In that case, a clear vision involves finding and accomplishing the rational approach. The concept is right once we know how to make it become reality and simply, how to get it done. 

Thus at TWINKLE, we struggled with a question - How can we provide possibly the most practical ground for intercultural dialogue between Finnish companies and talents? How can we ensure that they interact in accordance with the rules of neutrality and transparency? Finally, how can we create a learning experience opportunity for both sides, equally? Only the win-win situation is an option. 

And we found the way how to go about this.


A very mukava case.

Our colleagues from TreStart ( introduced TWINKLE to MukavaIT in order to build bridges for further cooperation.  MukavaIT is a young Finnish startup with a mission, originating straight from the perfect project and becoming a smart service. Step by step, they are conquering the market of digital daycare services. Their business idea was perfect in its simplicity to create application for time utilization in daycares and early education centers. At the moment they are helping 4,000 professionals in more than 600 daycare centers to spend more quality time with their pupils and they are ready for more clients. 

Their next step was natural - to find their new target in the international market. 

Consequently, they have started looking for potential partners abroad. 

 TWINKLE had exactly what they wanted - a network. People with an international background - talents ready to share their expertise and contacts. 

That is how the cooperation started. 


 This leads us to TWINKLE itself.

Naturally, the case study approach came up as the right way to interact in practice. To achieve balance on both sides we decided to mix the pitching method with practical training in the form of a MukavaIT Pitching Competition project. We enabled our talents to practice their pitching through the training process led by Brown Onduso, a marketing expert from Glaston, and member of TWINKLE. 

This showcase gave them opportunity to pitch themselves and to directly present their skills to professionals. On the other hand, pitching provided MukavaIT with concrete deadlines and immediate audience feedback. Testing an idea has never been so fast.

We included a workshop, training, and networking elements to create something completely new. The TWINKLE case study aims for business development. All participants went through three stages of the project and conducted their own market research in order to finally present their target market to MukavaIT.

The results were satisfying enough to meet positive feedback. "The final outcome was very good." - Says Petri Väyrynen, Chairman of the Board at MukavaIT - "our expectations were to test a new approach [network based] and finding out new information about the possible target markets. We have an idea that this approach might work and we are very positive about the next steps."


Let's go international.

 The MukavaIT case demonstrates to extend to which business needs talents. Moreover, it indicates that diversity became an imperative for economical and business development. No big budget or specialized team of a fancy white-collar analytics is required when there are the right people within your reach, waiting for you to ask. 

The best thing is - there is no business risk involved. 

Once you look outside the box you may realize that there is a whole international network surrounding you, and that without performing time-consuming operations you may get answers for your questions very easily. 

This is exactly what MukavaIT did. They took a step closer and came straight to the people. Perfect simplicity. The last word belongs to Petri: 

"We have lots of know-how from different markets closer than we think. We should make sure that this know-how is well utilized. This creates win-win situations, especially when companies like ours can find the information and people. Moreover, the international talents have a possibility to show their attitude and know-how in practical way."

His advice for startups planning to hit international market? - "There is no ‘holy grail’". One needs to have a plan, but at the same time one needs to be open for new ideas and just to go out and test them. They might just work." 

Simply, go for it. Or even better - go for it, with Twinkle. 

Joanna Charewicz-Laihonen

Member of TWINKLE Association, international affairs enthusiast, passionate writer and editor. In love with Finland. Happy mom of a Polish-Finnish girl. Married to a very stubborn Finn. Every day trying to find her Sisu.

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