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Anne Kalliomäki

Story of Twinkle: created together, lived together

In 1819 a Scotsman called James Finlayson came to this little town in Finland, and by the rapids he founded a cotton millThe town begun to grow, and before you knew it Tampere was the first city in the Nordics to have electric lights lit. That was the start.

For myself, the starting point of so called global life was when I was ten years old. My sister had IYS pen (pals)friends from several countries, and I also yearned to have buddies abroad. When I was able to get my first one (her name was Mary and she was from Greece), that was so cool, but it was not enough. Not by far. I ended up having 50 pen friends all over the world. This was in the 80´s, before The Net and social media, but the world was no less global then. I learned so much from Mary and my other friends. And just maybe, I too was able to teach them something.

All bright – let´s shine brighter together! Twinkle could be seen from far away, and it brought a lot of international talent to Tampere region, to work with Finnish people. The little city of Tampere grew up to be one of the biggest and the most open-minded cities in Finland.

One of the other memories goes back to beginning of this millennia, when there was an international RAM 4 New Media Workshop in Helsinki. A very international group of people gathered there, creative people. It was an important experience for me as producer´s assistant to be part of that, seeing people sharing thoughts and ideas. Even with very different backgrounds, we shared the same goals, and belonged to a likeminded group.

Later, I also ended up studying abroad as an exchange student. So, for reasons like this, I joined Twinkle. I knew how much could be gained working in a multi-cultural environment.  Building bridges, together.

Being part of the Twinkle group has been a fascinating journey. It is so much fun to work together in a group with people from such a different places.  Creativity-wise, it has also been bit of fresh air for me to work in a group where it is ok to be passionate, and to show your emotions. In a business world, we are much too polite, and usually not showing our feelings, not really arguing about things. To add to that, the people of Finland are passionate, but showing passionate emotions in public has never been too popular here. I think in a group with various nationalities, us Finns too get permission to show more passion. We need this to be able to create services and products that work internationally, and are more than our customers could ever ask for.

“A puzzle needs to be solved, the hidden Twinkle treasure needs to be found. By us, by you.” 

In Twinkle group sessions, I led us to work on an event´s strategic design based on storytelling, that is to say, a storification process. There are so much possibilities in taking a story as a basis of all we do, and what it can bring to us. It is a great way to make a customer experience meaningful – making it into a memorable story experience. We created the core story for the event, which is, in other words, a way to find out (together!) what Twinkle really is: it is something that happens, when we start working together, when international talent and businesses meet, and results start to show. Then we can see the Twinkle. It is a bright idea, a new way of doing things. When Twinkle happens, it is going to be noticed internationally, also.

 It is just little bits of sparks in the darkness here and there, but together we will find it, because it has always been there.

I think of all interesting people I´ve met with Twinkle and with equal fondness I remember Mary and the other pen (pals) friends of my youth. Hopefully we will see a lot each other, in the Twinkle happening of December, in Tampere Talo. I´m really looking forward to that!

It is like John Lennon sings:

“Why on earth are you there

When you’re ev’rywhere

Come and get your share

Well we all shine on

Like the moon and the stars and the sun

Yeah we all shine on”

Come and find out if there is a Twinkle for you and we can shine together even brighter in Tampere, and beyond. All bright, let´s do it!

Story designer, entrepreneur Anne Kalliomäki is pioneer of storification, story based CX design in Finland. Read more Follow on twitter (@Tarinakone) and Facebook (Storification Method).

Anne Kalliomäki


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