Share it! - An experience sharing platform

Share it! is a new concept built around the idea that each international talent living in Finland has a story to share that can inspire others.

Share it! is a series of events where the stories and experiences of others are the starting point of a conversation where all participants can pitch in. The stories are about different stages of integration (such as expectations before arriving, the first shock, finding your way etc.).

The idea is to build a strong community that can serve international talents as a support group in their integration into Finland's social and working environment.

Share It! can be the place where you find:
          •  new, like-minded friends
          •  possible future work colleagues
          •  a place where you can hear              from others
          •  get useful and practical              information
            share your own experiences, if              you choose to.

To attend the events is free of charge, however if you would like to make sure we are able to continue you can support us by becoming a Twinkle Association member.



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